Interested in becoming a RC Pilot?

Are you interested in learning how to fly radio controlled models? Whether it’s airplanes, helicopters, or drones, the Jackson RC Club can provide you with training to help you learn to fly. We even have club training airplanes and buddy box systems to get you into the air fast. With many experienced pilots and trainers, we can get you flying radio controlled in no time.

To often we hear: “I tried to be in the hobby and learn to fly. I bought a kit, built the airplane, took it out and crashed it on the first flight. I was so discouraged, I never tried again.”

Pilot Info

The intent of flight training through the Jackson RC Club is to assist those who are interested to get into the hobby of RC flying in a safe way and to help the novice gain proficiency in their flying skills. You wouldn’t go out to an airport, climb into an airplane and try to takeoff by yourself. You would certainly crash. The same is true with radio controlled models. All of the principles of radio controlled flight are the same as the principles of full scale flight. In some ways it is more difficult because you are not actually sitting in the airplane. These are real airplanes that you are attempting to fly and competent flight training is required from a qualified instructor.


Although we can not guarantee that you will not crash, the likelihood is far less with a qualified instructor. Our goal is to have everyone start off on the right foot, learn to fly safely, remain in the hobby and enjoy it for years to come.

What Does It Cost and What Do I Need to Have?

If you are starting from scratch and you purchase the bare essentials new, you can expect to spend somewhere between $300 to $1000 depending on the type and sophistication of your model. That being said, your initial investment can last you for years as you can use and reuse components through successive airplanes. It is best to get the advice of an experienced pilot when selecting your first model, engine, radio, and support gear. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to use local hobby shops for your purchases. The local hobby dealer has a wealth of experience and invaluable advice that they can offer. In addition, there are many internet providers and retailers for online purchases. However, make sure you talk to an experienced pilot before selecting a model and laying down your cash. You will also need some basic field box tools and gear.  IE: pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hobby knife, hex keys,, side cutters, fuel can and pump, etc.

NOTE: Substantial savings can be had by purchasing used items. In fact, you can sometimes save as much as 50% to75% off of the cost of your initial set up. As with purchasing anything used, buyer beware.  You must be careful. Again, it is best to get someone knowledgeable about the hobby to help you check out the used items before you buy.

The best way to get advice is to: JOIN THE CLUB. With over fifty members, there is lots of experience and plenty of enthusiasm for all types of radio controlled modeling in our club. From small electrics to giant 40% scale airplanes and everything in between, you’ll find members with a wide variety of interests and skill levels. We are a friendly and welcoming club that strives to share our enjoyment and enthusiasm for radio controlled modeling with others.