Mall Show
April 15-17, 2016
at Jackson Crossing


Mall Show Winner 2013

2012 Gallery

Weak Signals Toledo Expo
at Seagate Conference Center, Toledo

April 1-3, 2016

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Winter Indoor Flying
Sundays 1-5

at Paragon Academy, McCain Rd
just west of Robinson Rd

for details, email jtstolz@comcast.net

All Club Picnic
July 31, 2016
All Club fun Fly
September 18, 2016


IMAC Contest

July 16-17, 2016 imac2011




2009 photos

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trophies from JRCC show

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Club dues are due by the end of February 2015 in order to maintain your membership in the Club. The Club by-laws were revised in 2009 and implemented an initiation fee for new members or for those members that allow their membership to lapse and wish to be reinstated. The Club also requires each member provide documentation of current AMA membership (either in the form of a 2015 AMA membership card or online verification) in order to receive a club membership card. As approved by unanimous vote of the members at the November 2010 meeting, yearly dues responsibilities are $75.00 for full members and 37.50 for seniors (age 75 or older) and juniors (age 16 or younger).


Pete Dillon Field, our summer site
    N 42°17.756´ W084°21.377

Directions to Pete Dillon Field: Take I-94 exit 141 (Elm St.) go North 1 block and turn right on Seymour Rd.  Take Seymour to McGill Rd.  Follow McGill to Pete Dillon field.
Lodging: RV parking at field.  Motels (all 517  area code): Travelodge 787-1111, Motel 6 789-7186, Super 8 788-8780, Baymont Inn 789-6000, Comfort Inn 768-0088, Fairfield Inn 784-7877, Country Hearth Inn 800-267-5023.




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Email IT guy Dave Gray jacksonrcclub@gmail.com
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We are a Radio Control Club located in mid-Michigan We get only 7 months of the year to fly and we make every day count. 

Our field is located in beautiful Jackson, Michigan in the backwoods of the old city landfill on reclaimed Pete Dillon Field. Yes, that’s right! So no houses or people to complain about the noise of our roaring machines.


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If you have additions to the calendar, make sure you get them to Juan Rosa so that they can be included.


Winter Indoor Flying

Sundays 1-5



Join In! Pitch In!

When asked if they are attending club meetings, a fair number of members might say, “I don’t attend the meetings, I only joined the club to have a place to fly”. I would guess that a lot of us joined the Jackson RC Club because we wanted a nice place to fly and because as a group, we can pool our money to maintain a flying field and have nicer facilities than if we tried to do it by ourselves. However, the field doesn’t get maintained by itself. The buildings and equipment need regular painting, repair, and updating. The driveway requires yearly maintenance and grading, the grass needs to be mowed, the signs posted, the fence repaired, the toilets cleaned, the bills paid. All of these things that need to be done regularly are completed by a small group of volunteers from our membership. They still pay their membership dues every year but also chose to be of service to the club for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. We owe them our gratitude, our support and our appreciation. The next time you are out enjoying a beautiful day of flying at our club field, remember your co-members who have provided time and talents to make it a great day of flying.

Also keep in mind that there are a lot more benefits to being in the club than just flying. There is the fun and enjoyment of sharing the hobby with fellow club members and with newcomers to the sport of RC flying. Learning new skills or better yet teaching new skills to others. There are the opportunities to work together to achieve something good, to get out into our community, to show off some of our handy-work and to share the kick we get from our hobby. There are the friendships that develop from shared interests and they end up lasting a lifetime. Make the most of your club membership, your yearly dues, and the benefits of club membership. When time allows, volunteer your time and talents to make our club even better. Join in! Pitch in!


Don’t forget to save yourself some $’s by getting your annual membership dues renewal completed by February 28th. On-time payment of dues prevents your membership from expiring on March 1 which would require payment of the initiation fee for reinstatement.

Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be held at the airport Denny’s on March 17 at 7:00 PM. We will continue the process of reviewing this year’s Calendar of Events, reviewing the 2014 budget, and planning the general upkeep and maintenance of the club for the coming season. The board meetings are open to the membership and we invite you to attend. We still need someone to take responsibility for getting club information and news out to the membership on a regular basis through the website.

We always need to be thinking about how we can attract new members to the club. We have a great field and club, but to sustain them into the future we will need to continually bring in new members and talent. Ask a friend to a meeting. Talk to a kid about model aviation and invite him/her to a meeting or out to the field. Think of ways we can share this great hobby with others.

Remember club rules when out to the field. Safety is our primary objective. Use good techniques when starting your airplane making sure to keep clothing and hands away from that spinning prop! Don’t forget to bring your newly completed projects to the club membership meetings so everyone can see. Invite a friend.


Blue Skies!

Mike R.

New Member Information

Come visit us at a JRCC monthly meeting.
7:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each month

Jackson High School Cafeteria (Oct-April)

544 Wildwood Ave. 49202 Directions
Pete Dillon Field (May-October) Directions

Every member is encouraged to attend and participate.
Visitors are welcome!

Want to join?

Annual dues: $75.00
plus first time members initiation fee $20.00

Special Memberships for seniors and juniors

Please email
Juan Rosa at rosawings@yahoo.com
with your name and contact information.
Or, come to a meeting.
Click here for a Membership Application.








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Dave Gray

Intro Pilot Instructors:

Jim Norten
Mike Roxberry
Mike Kulcsar

For information re training:
Juan Rosa www.rosawings@yahoo.com

Contact Us:
Juan Rosa www.rosawings@yahoo.com
Dave Gray jacksonrcclub@gmail.com